Straight college guys hazing cock fest

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This may look like hardcore gay scene, but in fact these guys are all 100% straight college guys, but they have been given their hazing task and they are at it with dark thoughts on their mind while their future clan members are making fun of their cocks. That’s right, the hazing process here includes these college guys taking off their clothes and showing their cocks, the ones with small dicks don’t get accepted, those that can work up an erection get accepted for sure!

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Bukkake action for straight college guys

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Becoming a member of one of the elite clubs is not as easy as one would think, there are some standards that have to be met, and even when they are met there’s the hazing ritual. This time the ritual involves something no straight college guy would willingly do, it involves getting face to face with a cock and getting a nice load of cum all over your face while the senior members masturbate all over you.

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Straight college guys proving themselves by sucking cock

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This is the ultimate form of brotherhood as far as the clan leader these guys are trying to enroll is concerned, if you can take a cock in your mouth and give your friend a blowjob, then there’s nothing you wouldn’t do for him. This is one of the harshest hazing processes I’ve ever seen, but the college guys seem determined to get accepted and they are going all out, using their lips and faces as cock dispensers for the senior members!

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Hardcore ass fucking hazing for straight college guys

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This here has to be one of the hardest hazing assignments I’ve ever seen someone ask straight college guys to do, but this couple didn’t shy away from the task, when they got told they have to fuck each other hard several times during the week, they got naked and got at it right away. At first it took them some time to work up an erection, but now they are fucking each other’s asses with ease, they got used to it by the time the hazing task neared the end.

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Beach hazing assignment for straight college guys

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There are very simple rules of the hazing for the society these guys are up for joining, they have to prove they are not afraid at all of getting ridiculed. There’s no better place for something like that as the beach, these college guys had to go out and stick their cocks in some of the things they find on the beach, and they are not allowed to hide while doing so, they have to be seen doing it and they have to do it with absolutely nothing on.

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