Beach hazing assignment for straight college guys

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There are very simple rules of the hazing for the society these guys are up for joining, they have to prove they are not afraid at all of getting ridiculed. There’s no better place for something like that as the beach, these college guys had to go out and stick their cocks in some of the things they find on the beach, and they are not allowed to hide while doing so, they have to be seen doing it and they have to do it with absolutely nothing on.

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College guys drinking and wanking at the hazing party

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The parties like these are not a rare sight on this college, there are some serious clans formed for cheating on tests and stuff, so the leaders are making joining up harder and harder every year. This time the hazing tasks involve drinking and some brotherly bonding, and there’s no better way for these college guys to bond then to watch porn together and wank each other off to the explosive happy ending.

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Straight college guys mooning the hood

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There are many hazing rituals these college guys have to pass before they get acknowledged as part of the gang, and one of those is to see of they have a good sense of humor. They got talked into going door to door in this neighborhood and to moon and flash whoever opens the door and then run for it and continue down the street.

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College guys hazing party turns into fucking party

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Threesomes are always awesome, but this one is a bit different, it all guys, and it’s all straight college guys threesome. Yeap, although it doesn’t look like it, these guys are completely straight, the only reason why they are on top of one another and fucking each other silly is because they have to, it’s their hazing to join the brotherhood and their future comrades are watching them screw each other with much interest.

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Naked college guys hazing

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Joining a society in the college is never easy and it takes a lot of effort and humiliating action, and these guys know all about it. These college guys had to go through the hazing butt naked, showing every inch of themselves, and in front of the cameras nevertheless. They had to run through the halls naked while everybody got to watch their cocks dangling as they hurried to get through the humiliation so they can become a part of the secret society.

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